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DME Hefeweizen Recipe

Hey guys, new brewer having trouble finding a 1 gallon extract recipe for a good hefeweizen. I have only brewed one batch and want to get one more under my belt before I go to larger and move onto partial mash.

I know I need 1lb of Wheat DME and a packet of 3068 yeast but wanted some suggestions on good hops and any steeping wheat. Look forward to the suggestions!

NB has a 1-gallon extract hefeweizen kit - they have the recipe listed in the “additional information” section. Good luck!

I saw that recipe but wanted some more ideas. That one did not have any steeping grains and ones I saw online for 5g recipes mostly did as well as additional hops besides the one 3.5gram addition. Wanted to see if anyone had played around and came up with something else.

Scale down the 5 gallon recipe to a 1 gallon.

Wasn’t sure if it was that simple. Since it seems to be I can do that.

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