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Dme hard as a rock

Did brew yesterday day pumpkin spiced ale. Ready to prepare the brew session. Get thethings together. And this is the third kind of dme. I do use bries light dme. The dme became like a rock. Ok still did use it. Once in the kettle it does desolve. But why hard. No more powder form could it be the way they did package not a perfect seal

I would suspect that even from the heat the sugar will bond together… Sneezles61

Maybe thats a thought did buy a huge air fan. To keep my room real nice and cool. Dont want to run the airco all day. Powerbill will be skyhigh. Till now haha dont hear my wife complain to much

Try to keep it in a sealed container. Moisture will make it stick together. When I only use part of a bag of DME I put it in a Ziploc bag and squeeze out as much air as possible.

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Gonna ask around at a restaurant if they do got one of these vacum seal machines. Put it in a bag and suck it vacum

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