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Dme durability

strangest idea i have had in years… im building survival kits for my kids…thinkin a 5 gallon beer kit would be grand, dme and hops packet sealed in a mylar pouch with an oxygen absorbing pouch and pack of yeast… any idea how long dme can be stored feasibly? thanks

What i heard is that most DME last for 1 year in an airtight container… “best used by 12/12/20XX (next year)” is only a suggestion, when SHTF i would imagine you wouldn’t give a F if your DME is less than perfect. the trouble i have with keeping my dme is that moisture tends to really cause it to become sticky, so i double bag it and put desiccants inside the second bag.


thanks for the input… im plannin this in case i have to visit the brats``lol

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