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DIY for kegerator from chest freezer?

I just got an 8.8cf freezer that will be perform double duty as kegerator and ferm chamber. I’ve had some of NB’s keg stuff from their super-duper kit for some time, just not used it: 1 corny, CO2 tank, regulator, beer-out hose and CO2-in hose, and a johnson temp controller.

My plan is to build a collar for the freezer and add 2-3 taps. What I don’t have is a guide for buying/creating/connecting the necessary “parts and plumbing” to connect cornies (i’m getting 1 maybe 2 more), taps, tank, regulator necessary to bring beer to glass.

Any one have an easy to understand, kegging-for-dummies DIY or link with plenty of pics and text?


edit: just found this. looks pretty comprehensive and a doable do. hey experts…did he leave anything out?


The build looks good.
The only thing that stands out is the five feet of line per tap.
When looking to the balancing figures in the past etc… it shows 5 ft will be plenty for
these short run systems. If it works for somebody, well good on you.
But I have found 5 ft in my system early on was nothing but a foam factory.
I thought my regulator was messed up or other and when reviewing some posts
over on HBD I found many solving the problem by using 10ft of line or restrictors
from epoxy tubes. Well I did both actually.

First I ran 10ft of line for my beer taps and the kegs were still carbed at 10-12 PSI. Guess what perfect pours ever since.

Second I run a keg of root beer at 30 PSI and used 20 feet of line (original length used)
it worked but I always had a first glass of half foam. Well I just quick removed the out post and dropped two of the helix’s from the epoxy tubes into the down post and screwed the post back on. Absolutely perfect glass of root beer with high carb(4+volumes), no degassing whatsoever every time now.

Sorry for the run on about the root beer/ helix’s thought it was relevant somewhere along the line.

The only other thing I would add is to use a box of baking soda or damp rid and change every two years or whenever necessary as you will have tons of moisture from the on/ off cycles sometimes so even if you keep it clean it will grow s**t tons of mold unless you control the excess moisture.

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