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DIY Drip Tray

I googled and found this idea on a big box hardware store web site. His only complaint was that there was nothing to stop the run-off. Well, this is what I did, I reversed the lid. This is a Stainless Smoker Wood Chip Box. I pulled the hing pin, took a pair of channel locks and tweaked the lid hing so that the lid will sit flat on the drip box and I am able to re-insert the hing pin so the lid still flips open for easy cleaning. Just caulk or JB Weld the corners and your good to go… Cost $9.89 + tax

Very nice, I’m thinking I need to quit being lazy and make a collar for my keezer and install some taps. I’ll definitely use this idea for the trays. Thanks.

I’ve been thinking of added a drip tray and this is much more in my budget. One question, how did you attach it? I don’t want to drill any holes in my chest freezer but I’m not sure what the best alternative is.

i have been looking for something like this too. I am going to attach it with some rare earth magnets, which are pretty cheap and STRONG. thanks for the great idea!!

It will splash unless you make more holes.

For my kegerator I considered a number of possibilities: a number of smallish metal things from hardware stores, sections of raingutter, etc.

I ended up with a muddy boot tray from walmart. It has high sides (1.5 inches) and is a great size to catch all spillage and drips. I can just kick it outside and hose it out too. Plus it looks kind of cool to not have the drip tray or box on the kegerator. Plus it was like $6. ... y/15734493

Thanks for the info. I went out and bought one and did exactly what you did. Attached it to the front of my fridge with small self tapping screws.

Would you mind telling us at what big box store you got that at?

That was Lowe’s in the gas grill section.

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