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DIY CFC works!

Yesterday I brewed and used the CFC I had a few weeks ago. Wow! That is a sweet piece of equipment!

I made a quick down and dirty copper racking cane since my kettle doesnt have a spigot yet. Used a 24" pice of 3/8 copper from Lowe’s.

Anyway…near boiling went in, mid 70’s degree came out. Siphoned the 5 gallons in about 10 mins maybe…was so excited, I forgot to keep track of time.

Temp was a little higher than I wanted but I think that was because I started my siphon before I started the cold water through the cfc.

I am hoping this will help to shorten the brewday quite a bit. I started at roughly 7:30am and was mostly done by 12:30.

Any pictures?

No pictures…probably should have taken a couple but being the first run though I was mostly improvising everything and not thinking about much else.

The CFC was really pretty simple to make. If you can solder a few copper joints you are all set.

Yup, my favorite part about a CFC is that you chill and transfer at the same time. This can be a huge time saver. I chill and transfer 22 gallons in about 6-8 minutes. That’s tough to beat on a home brewer level.

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