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DIY build for recirculating beer line cleaner

I was inspired by a system I saw here:


I didn’t want to buy any more equipment (at least, not for that) so I came up with a system based on what I had and allows me to clean without taking anything apart.

I have Mark’s keg washer which came with an adapter that I plugged in a growler filler and opened the faucet. I happened to have an extra liquid post (off a keg I plan to get working at some point) to make it easily flow back into the bucket. This way it can flow for as long as it needs until it seems to be clear.

Great idea.
Thank you.

any pics?

I happened to take one but I’m not sure the pic is helpful (next time I use it, I’ll try to take a pic of the pieces side by side). The top of the picture is the liquid connector and liquid post draining back into the bucket. Below that, the pump is pumping up through the growler filler into the open faucet.

The main part for me was learning that the growler filler forms a tight enough seal to flow liquid the opposite way.

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