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Distance between plants when growing on fence

I have a tall fence that runs about 200 yards across the backyard. I’d like to “decorate” this with hops and have plenty of rhizomes waiting to be planted. However, nowhere can I find how far apart the rhizomes should be planted. It’s obviously not the same distance as when you grow them vertical, so I’m at a little loss right now. I could guess and plant them 20 feet apart, but I’d like to utilize the fence as much as possible.

Any thoughts. How far apart should I plant them?

You could plant the same variety closer together, maybe 4-6 feet apart? If you want to keep varieties separate for harvest I would leave quite a bit of room between different types though-15-20 feet might be good for separating varieties.

I would not plant them any closer than 20 feet, anything less and they will overlap. Unless of course they are the same variety, in which case it would not matter as much.

Hops can grow 15-20 ft. in a season. on a fence it will still grow 15-20 ft. but how it spreads is anyone’s will most likely go more or less up then fold back on itself at the top and get a big bundle across the top of the fence. then when the wind blows hard it might pull your fence down from the great weight. :blah:

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