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Dissolving sugar

So I have some concord grape juice I just got from my grandparents. there isn’t as much sugar in the grapes as I would like it to be. I am curious as to what the ratio is for dissolving sugar into ( hot/ boiling) water. also does any one know how much sugar it would would take to raise the balling scale by one point? I don’t like guessing at how much sugar it takes to raise it, kind of a pain in the butt. currently the juice is 1.06 SG ( about 15 on the balling scale). thanks.

Table sugar raises the SG by 1.009 for every pound in 5 gallons. I would not worry about dissolving it in water. Just add it to the juice.

I’ll let you figure out the balling conversion.

Have you looked at the frozen grape juices? See if they are preservative free so that the yeast can do their work.

one pound of sugar raises the sg by 1.009 for every 5 gallons? that’s seems like a lot… and I dint know if I was not clear on the juice I was using. my grandparents grow concord grapes, so the juice was fresh and organic.

You can double check that figure with various brewing software.

Yes, I understood you have home grown grape juice. I was just putting it out there that you could augment the sugar content with frozen concentrate. People use frozen concentrate to bump the SG of home pressed apple cider rather than using sugar.

thanks for the info, it’s there a tool online that I could plug some numbers in to abd it will tell me how much sugar I need? I’ve always used frozen concentrate to sweeten my wine before bottling, but never got fermentation. I’ll have to try that.

You can try the free online calculator at

Do an internet search for “brewing software”. There are many that have free trail periods. And afterwards are still useful.

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