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Dissolving fizz tabs delema

Just bottled a small batch american wheat. The bag of fizz tabs that came in the kit were crushed and ranging in all different sizes. So Instead of using the tabs in each bottle and get inconsistent co2 like the last batch. I dissolved 10 of the biggest tabs and a few small pieces in 1 cup of boiling water and added to bottom of the bottling bucket. My problem is it only had a yield of 8 bottles. Is the priming sugar ratio too high now? Should I open and re-cap in a few days? I fear a bottle bomb extravaganza soon. :frowning:

Kind of hard to say without know at least a close amount of sugar. I would let them carbonate stored inside some kind of sturdy box like those plastic storage containers. If they do blow at least the cap and hopefully not but the glass and spilled beer will be contained. If they turn out intact chill one in a doubled bag or something and give it a try.

Since you use two drops in a 22oz bottle there must be a little leeway. I have also read reports of low carbonation or inconsistent carbonation with them so who knows.

I have also read that Coopers drops are more consistent or use @flars method of using Domino Dots sugar cubes.

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Have them in a plastic bin with a cover at about 66 degrees. As you stated with the 22oz’ers taking two Fizz tabs, I’m figuring there is leeway room there. Guess I’ll wait and see.

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