Displaying pint glasses

I have a growing collection of pint glasses and want to make a display for them. More than likely it will be a two or three shelf display without a glass front. Has anyone come across something like a plastic lid that fits on top of a pint glass to keep dust out? I would like to be able to rotate them and would like to keep the glasses clean.

Mine are on a linen towel, resting upside down, on a shelf above my kegerator. That way I don’t have to worry about keeping detritis out of them, and they seem to display just fine that way. :cheers:

I had a pallet laying around and like building things with the rough wood from them. So I put this together. Sanded the loose splinters off but it still has that reclaimed look with nail holes and imperfections. Needs some finish and hardware to hang it.

Pretty cool, Mike. I like it.

Well now, if you keep the width to say 31-1/2" then you will be able to find some studs behind the sheetrock to fasten it too, and one in the middle too, so the shelf won’t warp. Nice idea. My wife collects the snit and 10 OZ. and she has many. We USED to have a book case…. Sneezles61 :cheers:

That’s one thing I failed to keep in mind. It’s close studs are 16" on center so yes 32" wide would have been lined up perfect. However I should be able to find some hardware to hang it properly.

The shelf inside measurement is 32" which fits 8 pint glasses in 4"×4" sections leaving good spacing between. That makes the outside measurement 33 1/2". The height of the sides are 8" which leaves about 6 1/2" since the top and bottom are inside the ends. The boards are 1"x4". I used pocket holes on the top and under the bottom side and some glue. I’m staining it now.

I bought part of this and then draped fabric around it to also help keep dust out. Then I put some crown molding on it and some accent lighting. It holds at least 30 pint glasses.