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Displaying Medals

I have a large assortment of medals and ribbons that I have won in competitions and am wanting a unique way of displaying them above my kegerator. For those of you that have several medals, how do you have them displayed?

I only have a few medals since I only started to enter comps last April but I pin mine to a frame with foam board backing covered by a malt sack. I’ll be curious to see what the more creative folks are doing.

Thanks for posting. Its a nice collection.
I have a friend who does custom woodwork and was trying to get some ideas for a display case design. I would like to leave the medals on their neck ribbons for display, even though I would like only a little bit to show.

I seem to remember their being some displays for military ribbons & medals back when I was owned by Uncle Sam. You might get some ideas there… Me, I don’t have no stinkin’ medals.

Yeah, I’ve done a lot of searching online and have seen several of the military displays. I was hoping someone would have a custom wood diplay in the shape of a glass of beer, their brewery logo, or something brewing related.

Oh…woe is me…I have too many medals and I don’t know what to do with them…

^Just kidding man. I’m sure you’ll figure something good out to put them up with. Wood would be great. As for me, I’m just planning my first comp beer so I can get up to were you are.

Just a thought, it might be kind of cool if you could find a way to make tap handles out of them. Then you could bust out the fancy handle when you have award winning beer on tap.

nope, don’t want to stare at them they are packed away in a shoe box. I don’t have a ton and I don’t enter a lot of comps. Enter large comps to where I know it really counts.
Kind of share the same thoughts as this, about 30minutes 30 seconds in ... e-bay.html

one hell of a dilema.

casting them in some type of acrylic for tap handles is a great idea, or cast into acrylic for individual coasters.
but seriously if i were you, cast them into a toilet seat like the the ones with coins in them. folks, especially dudes, will take a minute to really appreciate where your effort has gone. :wink:

if i had only known they give out medals…

congrats. :cheers:

This is how I used to do it. Now days I have all the honorable mentions in the closet and all the first place medals/ribbons on display only.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

[quote=“MullerBrau”]Now days I have all the honorable mentions in the closet and all the first place medals/ribbons on display only.[/quote]I may end up having to do this as well.

I would build a display case in the shape of a large hop cone, then cross mash paddles underneath it. but I’m just awesome like that.

I think I should hang them on the tap handle. I’ve traditionally hung them up with my bike medals for no real reason.

I used to hang them off the ceiling, but a contractor said I was in danger of collapsing my 2nd floor. :wink:

I know the feeling. I had all of mine in one spot, but they were in danger of collapsing into a singularity. :cheers:

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