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Dishwasher bottle sanitizing

Read somewhere that if you put bottles in dishwasher, let them rinse and dry (heated) that would sanitize them?

I am a little skeptical and I have seen some posts on here saying that it does not sanitize the bottles? I just put my second batch into bottles that went through the dishwasher, the last batch I did the beer tasted good going into the bottles but a little off (harsh aftertaste) coming out of the bottles? This time the beer also tasted good going into the bottles. I am a nut for sanitation and people say I am over reacting? Thoughts?


I have heard people say to wash them with no detergent, making sure they are clean first. Supposedly the detergent has a sheeting action that is hard to remove.

Harsh beer taste is more likely coming from warm ferm temps and/or not using enough yeast. It might also be that you need to let them condition a little longer before drinking, sometimes it takes a month for the yeast to drop well. Plus carbonation changes the flavor profile, so you don’t expect a flat beer to taste the same as carbonated. Maybe lower your level of carbonation if you don’t mind a lower level.

Bottles in a dishwasher is OK as far as heating them to sanitize, you don’t get any water inside them (and you probably don’t want any) but as long as they are clean its OK. You could also put them in the oven for an hour on 300F. Bottom line, they need to be clean before they can be sanitized.

I do believe that the dishwasher needs to have a “sanitize” button for it to actually work. It might be good enough without that feature, but I wouldn’t trust it. I used to use a detergentless cycle instead of using pbw, but I have since moved to a place without a dishwasher. My old dishwasher had a button for sanitizing, but I never used it for the beer bottles.

Thanks for all the info…I do admit I do rush the tasting aspect. I ususally start trying my beer 3-4 weeks after brewing…and it has been warm when fermenting…my current batch I was able to keep at about 68-70 but the last two batches (during the summer) were 70-75 easy!

I am just trying really hard not to have to dump a whole batch if possible. Next time I may just try dunking them in star san and letting them drip dry on a drying rack…see if I notice any changes.



This is what I do - 12-18 bottles at a time, wait two minutes (might as well be sure this late in the game), then dripdry. Usually do it the night before bottling, so they’re dry and I shave a little time off bottling night, too.

The last batch I bottled, I used the sanitize cycle on my dishwasher. I loved it, and will continue to use that method. A friend of mine always used his dishwasher and hasn’t had any problems.

you dont want to use any detergent. It is a sanitize cycle that does sanitize them in a dishwasher.
I used to use it when I frist started stopped using it because it took to long waiting for them to cool off after running the cycle, a dip in star san is much quicker. I also noticed a few bottles would get various debri inside them every once in a while.

I don’t use any detergent and my dishwasher doesn’t have a sanitize button on it (that I can tell).

Today seemed like it took forever for the washer to finish…I may be way to impatient for this hobby!

I think it will all work out ok…Sometimes I believe I over think things…I got to remember it is all part

of the learning process…it’s only my 5th batch!



I think just using a heated drying cycle would be fine. It gets glass quite hot. The sanitize setting gets the water hotter as well.

I clean my bottles with oxyclean in a tub of water and rinse well. The day of bottling I use the light wash cycle with heated dry. It gets so hot they have to sit for a bit to cool down.
This is my method and it works for me.


I run my bottles through the hot cycle in my dishwasher with only water (no sanitize button). Then I use my Vinator with Starsan and put the bottles back on the dishwasher rack. I bottle from there.

The day of or the day before bottling, I use the high heat wash with the sanizite setting, no soap or detergent. I do wash the bottles ahead of time, so this is only the second to last step before I soak in StarSan.

+1 for the oven at 300F. I cover mine with aluminum foil so they are ready to go whenever I’m ready to bottle.

+1 heated dry cycle is all that is needed.

I usually do a hot cycle (with no detergent) the night before and then Starsan prior to racking… I also rinse my bottles after pouring. I just brewed a kit for my brother-in-law and former best friend. I told him to save his empties. He gave me bottles with moldy beer and cigarette butts in them. I threw them in the recycle bin and told him to try again.

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