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Few months ago did do a chocolate stout. Did use the recpi from brewtoad. Did keg it this morning. Did take a reading. And a sample. Nice fg of 1.010. Seems with kveik i allways end up around this. Fg. But not really a chocolate flav. Ok beer taste fine but had more high hopes. Now its carbonation lets taste again once carbed. O yeah did use 2oz of coconibs. On 5 gallon

2oz is pretty low. I never went lower than 4oz. You could dose with chocolate extract.

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Next time will try more. Choconibs. Reason i did use 2 lbs of english chocolate malt. So based on this. I did use 2oz choc nibs.

Chocolate malt is interesting. The more you use the more coffee flavors it throws. I don’t get much chocolate flavor from the malt unless I use something to help sweeten the brew. This can be done with caramel malts and/or lactose.

Or at this point you could add some unfermentable sugar alcohol- thinking Xylitol Try 1/2- 1 cup per 5 gallons. Also, remember that a lot of what we think of as ‘chocolate flavor’ is vanilla. So adding a vanilla bean to the keg at this point might help.

I recently brewed a Mocha Stout and I used 4 oz of cocoa nibs into secondary for 2 weeks. Taste is good, but any less would be an issue… any more would also pose an issue.
What is your serving temp?
I noticed that if I serve the beer any lower than 46DF, I start to lose the chocolate and coffee flavor. The warmer it is(48-52) the more pronounced the coffee/chocolate flavors are.

Did not serv it yet. Did transfer yesterday to the beer keg. Took a grav and taste sample. So this could be. The issue. Will let you know once carb has been done. But one question. Went shopping yesterday. At the health food department. Did see. Choclate. Oates. Can i use one lbs and add this to my grain bill to get more. Flav

Eh I’m not sure. I can think of a few reasons to say yes OR no. I guess it all boils down to how the oats are given the chocolate flavor. Sounds like a good thought tho. Also I wonder how much of that flavor and aroma would boil off during the boil. Probably get fresher and rounder flavor just using the 4 oz of cocoa nibs in my opinion. Chocolate oats sounds good tho

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