Dirty Bag

So last brew session I forgot to empty my BIAB bag for a couple of days. There was mildew or mold on some of the webbing that reinforces it. So i stuck it in the washer with a little bleach. It looks good as new. I rinsed it a few extra times but there’s a lingering bleach scent.

I’m a bit concerned about using it like that.

I could always get some campden tabs and drop it in a bucket with a gallon of water and campden right?

That should work. And, you don’t have anything to lose at this point.

Camden would work if there’s any residual chlorine, but so would setting the bag out in the sun for an hour or so.

Sun? Haven’t see it for about a week now…I hear it may return around Tuesday of next week…
Soaked it in a couple gallons of water with a couple campden tabs and voila! No more chlorine smell.