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Dip tube in boil kettle

I have been debating weather or not to install a dip tube in my converted keg. I’ve been using a screen to keep some of the trub out. Does a dip tube help recover some of the loss in the bottom???

What’s your other option? Just a ball valve with no pickup tube? If so, then yes, you’ll want a dip tube.

i have a ball valve with a boil screen on the inside of the keg. It works well but there is a lot off loss unless you tip it a bit the get more. I ordered a dip tube to replace it on a hunch that it will act as a siphon and pull more out. The only draw back i see is that i might get more trub into the fermenter?? Thoughts…

I don’t worry about getting trub in the fermentor, your dip tube should work will.

In reference to trub, I typically try and filter my wort as it goes into the fermenter, even moreso when I don’t use a mesh bag for my hops additions. This past batch that I made was an IPA, and I did use a bag for the hops, so what was left at the bottom of the boil kettle was mainly break material. Most of that was left behind, but I didn’t care as much this time around if some of it got it, as I wanted to get as much wort out as possible.

It too much trub/break material bad?

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