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Diffusion stone

I’m looking at a new diffusion stone; it’s available in 2 micron or 5 micron. Is there a major impact to the 3 micron difference, or is the decision just eeney-meeney-miney-moe?

It’s for use with a regulator on a welder’s O2 tank.

Its actually .5 micron, not 5. I would suggest getting the 2 micron as the .5 stone has a tendency to clog quickly. The .5 will have smaller bubbles and therefore dissolve more quickly but the 2 micron won’t clog as easy.

I stand corrected. It is 0.5 micron.

I’ll have to look up what my existing stone is; I haven’t really had a problem with it clogging. I’m only looking to replace it because I found someone selling the wand-n-stone like NB’s oxygenation kit 2.0, only without the regulator which I already have. I currently zip-tie my stone’s tubing to a long spoon, the wand seems really convenient.

They seem to imply that 2 micron is for aquarium pumps, and 0.5 is for O2 tanks.

Yeah I like that wand idea and have thought about buying one. Would need to get an O2 tank too which is why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
I think they just recommend the 2 micron for the pump because they aren’t powerful enough to push through the .5 stone.

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