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Different Pin Lock Post types?

I believe the answer is yes, but I want to make sure before I spend some money. One of gas in post on one of my kegs is damaged. I had an empty keg laying around and the gas in post didn’t fit on the keg that had the damaged post. After futher inspection, the shapes of the posts are slightly different.

The damaged one looks like this… ... 2-pin.html

The one I tried to fit on the keg that didn’t looked like this… ... y-gas.html

At first glance, pretty close, but they are different.

Can someone give me a Keg 101 education and tell me if all gas (and liquid posts) are not the same for every keg? I know there are a few different companies that make/made kegs but I didn’t know if they were universal or not.


I have never heard of different threads for pin-lock kegs. The gas-in and beer-out are differernt for sure. Maybe the previous person tried to put them on the wrong post? And we’re sure it’s a pin-lock keg, not a ball-lock? There are at least 3 different threads for ball-locks.

Positive they are pin locks. This website … &cPath=163 has the two different kinds and which kegs they fit on.

I was going to delete my post after finding this, but figured maybe someone else could learn something too.

Learn something new every day!

Does your keg have a manufacturer’s name imprinted on the side?

[quote=“TG”]Learn something new every day!

Does your keg have a manufacturer’s name imprinted on the side?[/quote]

Yes, the keg with the damage post is a Cornelius brand keg. I tried to put a Firestone brand post on it which didnt fit.

I just ran into the same thing. I have about 16 kegs and for some reason one of them has the oddball posts. NOT interchangable!

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