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Different Kveik strains

I have been busy on Amazon since my wife got us a gift card from points on our charge card and stumbled upon this

You can get each strain plus another not in this for $10 each plus $6 shipping directly from since I had the gift card that was the best choice of course.

Sounds pretty cool and I ordered LME (Malliard so guess where that comes from) and crystal malt. Already have some hops I brought south with us.


That will be fun to compare strains. You’ll need to let us know the differences.

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Sounds intresting tell us how it went

I really not good at describing flavors in my brews so I was hoping some of you guys that are better at it will try out these strains. Then when I read what you all think I will say “yeah that’s what it tastes like”. To me anything Kveik has been a game changer since I can ferment it so warm there is no, or not as much need for refrigeration.

Funky and not very flocculant sounds good to me.

Same here can not. Taste different kind of yeast strains. Or for example open hop bags. Do think they all do smell the same so i do relly on reading and articals about hops and yeast. But indeed. Kveik. A yeast. I use for 90% not so much need for temp control. Works awesome for me here on island

I have one week left on my porter where I combined 3 Kviek strains into one. I may have a preference for the Voss, followed by Hornidal but honestly I doubt I would be able to pick them out in a taste test. That’s why I combined them. Now the strongest one will eventually win out I suppose and that will be my house Kviek


My combination worked out really well. I fermented at closer to normal temperatures (70F-80F) and I got a really nice, not yeasty, porter out of them.

I don’t have any DME around… again… I remember not too long ago you’d by a 5 lb bag for 2 bucks… Now it seems like a 1 lb bag for 5 bucks!!
So I’m driven to do something a bit different… I took 1 lb of marries otter to 1.5 gallons of water, and a tablespoon of yeast nutrient. steeped them for over an hour (was busy?) cooled it off out in the snow bank. I used 2 quarts to get my Kviek going for a brew day today, the rest of it, I put in quart sized plastic jugs and froze them… For the small amount of effort… this could become my simple way to not be held hostage by DME. Sneezles61

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you just reminded me I need to get some DME when I go to the HBS, thanks

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Update: I ordered the yeast on Amazon 11/2 and so far the seller has not shipped. It is not fulfilled by Amazon. We have the option to cancel of course but I want the yeast. If it doesn’t ship soon, I will contact Sleight.

Way too long to wait… Is it still kinda a wreck down in Florida from the aftermath of the storm? Sneezles61

Cancell. And order from yeast bay. Fast company shipping their products

It is looking way better down here. Still a lot of street signs missing but the vegetation is coming back nice and green compared to the gray look from salt water. Just to the west of us took the direct hit from Irma and entire neighborhoods were wiped out. The only houses left standing were new construction built to “Keys standards” construction. Very sad for those who could not afford insurance.

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I have no problem cancelling the order @wilcolandzaat but would really like to try the different strains of Kveik. I’ll give them a chance before giving up and I’m not ready to brew yet but betting the itch.

If you go to their website less than perfect production schedule

It’s confusing what they are trying to say. No yeast at all, no 10bbl pitch or no small batch? I’m not really in a hurry for it but would like to have some on hand.

I was reading that too. “Not a true kveik strain…”. Confused me as in the above paragraph the referenced their “line of isolated kveik strains.”

I think what they are trying to say is that a true Kveik is a melange of different yeasts and bacteria and they are producing single strains from the region where such things come from. Sounds cool to me.

I got them yesterday after contacting Sean he made them up am sent them right out. The trip from Seattle to the Florida Keys, even with an ice pack and foil insulation didn’t work in the 80° temps here. One pack was almost to explosion point and even burst the USPS mailer envelope. Tossed them in the fridge, inside Zip Loc bags and all is well. Next step is to get brewing.

I have enough stuff to do a big IPA but might back it down to be able to taste the yeast over the hops.

Perhaps the ONLY yeast that can survive a hot transit! Sneezles61

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