Didn't purge the keg

First time kegging. I kegged a brown ale on Saturday, hooked up the C02 and set to 10 psi and put in the fridge at 41 degrees. I’m using the “set it and forget it” method to carb. However, I forgot to purge after shooting some C02 in there to push out any oxygen. Have I ruined my beer? I’m going home at lunch today to shut off the C02, purge the keg, then turn it back on. Thoughts?

If you didnt shake it you should be fine. If you did happen to shake it to force carbonate quicker, you may start to notice a wet cardboard flavor, just drink it quicker and remember next time to purge it.
Bottom line is more than likely it will not be ruined.

Cool, thanks. I didn’t shake it at all so hopefully all is good.