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Did the site just change?

All of a sudden, my entire interface just changed. Is this a global thing or just something with my browser? It was in the middle of reading posts. Very weird

Ya, happened about an hour ago. Not a fan just yet.

what happened? looks the same to me damn i was going to add a smilie and it won’t work. yea mines different too, may take a little time to get used to.

Same here - not a fan at all. Harder to read.

Haven’t made up my mind about it yet.

I don’t see any differences…

Too sterile looking. Going to take some getting used to.

I am sure we will all get used to it, however the worst part for me was I just filled my cart with supplies and was waiting for “the boss” to approve me spending that much. Now I log in 2 hours later and my cart and wishlist are empty.

It looks less like beer now. And I can’t find where to view my posts

OMG what a mess. My wishlist is gone as well, along with all traces of past orders. I also that the smilies don’t want to work, so I cannot fully express my dismay with all of this.

I found that you can sort of view your posts (under control panel), but all that does is lead you to the threads in which you last posted. It also would appear that you cannot edit a post now. So now I have a double post (with a typo in the last one). Bleh!

I haven’t noticed any change…

The default phpBB skin has been changed from the old brown one to a new one called “CA Gen2 Blue”. As before, you can set your appearance in User Control Panel/Board Preferences, under “My board style:”. And as before, I recommend “subsilver2”.

Users who were not using the default theme aren’t seeing any difference.

Good call, looks much better. :cheers:
I wish there was an option for the old brown scheme though.

I’m using the default theme and I can see a difference, in fact it’s changed twice on me from a slate grey to a textured tan.

Maybe brewhaha will come back.

The dynamic menus don’t work on the store front, guess you have to click through to find your product, :?:

my eyes

They need color options for all of the board styles.
Also, why no new smilies with the change?
Or a spell check?

I don’t like it at all. I had to adjust the brightness on my monitor.

And no way to quote a previous post.

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