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Did my yeast take?

I just brewed an Irish draught ale. I pu the dry yeast in and after about 20 hours I have no more bubbling in the airlock. I put an extra pound of honey in which should have increased yeast activity. Am I just worrying needlessly?

Have you taken a gravity reading? Is there krausen?

What is krausen? My OG is 1.054

The foamy, meringue-like head that develops during the initial stage of beer fermentation.

1.054 was the OG, but is the gravity dropping? That’s how you know fermentation is occurring.

Can you check gravity at any time without spoiling the fermentation process? I have always just left it in the primary for two weeks before getting the FG reading. Spry but this was only my 3rd batch. I am a newbie.

Also how do you see krausen with the plastic lid on it?

You’ll have to open the lid to check for krausen or to take a gravity reading. If there’s krausen, no need to take a reading; you can be sure it’s fermenting.

Thank you for your help

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