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Did my fermentation finish

Started with and IPA 1.074. Waited 4 weeks looked like everything finished up and i kegged it. I double checked the gravity and it was only 1.040. Was looking for 1.017 ish. I originally pitched 2 packets of WLP001. Its been fermenting in my basement at a 64-66 degrees. It was a little low but everything seemed like it was working away. Right now i have it in a keg conditioning in the same temp. Should i leave it or try to ferment it out. Never had this issue, but i usually don’t use WLP yeast either. Any advice??

Did you measure with a refractometer?

I did and i usually don’t…

There’s your problem… alcohol skews the reading of a refracto, and you need to adjust after fermentation. Search for an online refractometer calculator, and I bet you’ll be spot on.

Another reason I love my Hydrometer. Sooo easy.


Over time, I’ve learned the following when using my refractometer:

  • record BRIX first, then SG.
  • when measuring “final gravity”, look for a stable BRIX reading over the course of a couple of days, then do the conversion to FG.
  • some people work only with BRIX. I’m not “there” yet, but I like the idea.
  • Refractometer Calculator | Brewer's Friend
  • reddit has a lot of people who are friendly and helpful to people who have refractometer questions.
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