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Did I use Phosphoric acid right?

I did a Foreign extra stout, and used Bru’n Water for first time. Only adjustment it had me do was ~30mL of Phosphoric Acid (10% concentration) to mash and ~50mL to sparge. I skimped some on the sparge, prob used 30mL.
Racked today (Day 12) to secondary and pitched brett.

Heres my Q:
Upon tasting there’s a slight bite/burn in back of throat on finish. Is this from the phosphoric Acid? Is it b/c it’s still fermenting and there’s something else there? Am i just being paranoid? Who out there uses PA, how much are you using? I’ve used PA on a 15BBL system, 88% concentrate, but never used on home-brew scale.

The Facts:
-Well water, all chemistry extremely moderate, Bru’n Water didn’t suggest any other adjustments
-OG 1.069 FG 1.012
-mash pH after acid 5.2
-Final volume 6.5gallons
-Ferm of WL004 went great


Is it different from regular alcohol burn?

With moderate water values, I would have guessed you wouldn’t have needed to use PA for a stout. Lots of acid there already. Your mash pH is great though, and your efficiency based on your OG looks good. What was your fermentation temperature? Could it be just that acrid flavor from the black patent malt typically used in stouts? I guess you could always measure the pH of the finished beer to test your theory? If Bru’n Water really wanted you to add 50ml to the sparge, and if your sparge pH went above 5.8 at the end, you could have extracted some tannins from the husks which would add an astringency to the beer. How does the beer taste before it hits the back of your throat?

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Ferm temp was 68 in a freezer, and initial smell and taste were great- slightly drier than I originally anticipated for a FES, but it’s on point and I’ve never done this recipe before.

In regards to over extraction I took the gravity of the final runnings to monitor for over extraction and it was around 1.050, which is still too high (elegidly) for tannin extraction

Yeah, it’s different than a standard beer alcohol burn. Again, idk if I’m blowing things out of proportion but it’s not the standard beer warmth.

I wouldn’t worry that it’s the PA biting you if you aren’t tasting tangy/sour at the same time. I would imagine that its reaction is done by now and neutralized.

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