Did I mess up my first brew attempt?

So I brewed my first batch this past Friday. I brewed the American Wheat that came with the starter kit. Saturday morning I checked the fermentation bucket and had lots of bubble activity in the airlock. This went on till Sunday evening when just had to pop open the bucket and look inside and see what was happening. So I popped open the bucket had a quick peek and had wiff of beer fermenting in the bucket. I also did move the bucket to a slightly cooler spot. Now it’s been almost 24 hours since then and I have yet to see any bubble activity in the airlock. Did I screw up or is this nothing to be worried about?

Your beer is fine. The most active part of fermentation is usually done within the first 3-7 days. The airlock (which is not an indicator of fermentation) will slow or even stop, but fermentation is still going on for several more days. Even after fermentation ends, the yeast will clean up some of their own byproducts that can lead to off-flavors. IMHO, it’s best to leave your beer on the yeast cake for a minimum of three weeks.

Opening the bucket is fine, you’ve gotta take a gravity reading somehow…

Also, control your femr temps. I usually start out neer the bottom end of the yeast’s range and let it slowly rise after the most active part of ferm is over. (usually raise the temp up to about 68-70 to let it finish).

It’s VERY hard to, but waiting will make a better beer. Welcome aboard…Brew ON!!!

I also think your beer will be fine. Besides what DrG said buckets don’t always seal perfectly and with the slowing fermentation you may not get any action in the air lock. It also may take a while to re pressurize the bucket. Be patient and your beer will be great.

I also worried about the same thing on my first brew. Turned out great.

Thanks for the replies. Makes me feel better. Can’t wait for when I can taste it.

I like to give er’ a taste when I take gravity readings. Usually I’ll take one after two weeks to see where it’s at. It’ll be flat beer, but good anyway!