Did I make a mistake?

Normally I just use table sugar for priming and measure it out. When I made the Chocolate Milk Stout Extract Kit, I ordered priming sugar. The recipe called for 2/3 cup of the corn sugar. At first I assumed the 5 oz they gave me was the proper amount, but then it appeared it was too much. I put in what I thought was roughly 2/3 cup (ended up being a little more than half of the bag) and threw the rest away. Today I looked up some different conversion rates from what I could find for sugar and it looks like most say a little under 5oz table sugar (I know that isn’t what I’m using) is 2/3 cup.

I wouldn’t be too worried since I think I put in roughly 2/3 cup, but I tried one that was only half full after a week and there was basically no carbonation to speak of. Usually there is at least a little by that point.

If you want to get picky about carbonation levels, its best to go be weight rather than by volume. The full 5oz packet is more than you really need for most styles. I’m sure you’re fine. 1 week is too early to get too excited.


pick up a digital scale with English and Metric. Great investment even if you aren’t a brewer!

I used to put the whole 5 oz in 5 gallons of bottled beer when I first started brewing without any real problems. After a little bit though I did end up with a couple over carbed batches so I started cutting back to about 4oz. Now im just happy that I keg and dont deal with that anymore.

When I bottle or keg condition with corn sugar, I almost always use 2/3 cup unless I want a higher than normal carb level for style and then I go up to maybe 3/4 cup. 2/3 should be just fine.

All is well.

Glad to hear that!