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Did I just wreck my RIS? oxidation?

after 2.5 weeks in the primary bucket, I moved my RIS to a carboy to let it bulk age for a few months. I flooded the sanitized carboy with CO2 and started the siphon with my trusty autosiphon with new tubing I just bought. I started the siphon and little tiny bubbles were showing up in the line just after where the tubing joins the autosiphon…it wasn’t snug enought. I tried using tape in it, then a hose clamp…nothing worked–I kept getting tiny bubbles in the line. I am going to get new tubing. Here’s my question, what are the odds that I just wrecked my russian imperial stout that I want to age for 6 months? I’m so pissed!

You’re fine. I get a little cavitation where the tube slips over the racking cane on the auto siphon, never had any issues with oxidation. I like to use tubing that’s 1/16" smaller than the o.d. of my racking cane, in my case, I have a 1/2" auto siphon and use 7/16" i.d. tubing.

You’ll be fine.

yeah you will be fine, I have found playing with the hose that runs to the carboy or keg gets rid of those bubbles while you are racking

An RIS has a lot of anti-oxidants in it (the pigments) so you picked a good style to aerate.

I think the air comes from around the seal in the autosiphon, I’ve seen this occasionally and mostly when the tip gets some gunk in it and it starts sucking harder.

A little phrase comes to mind…RDWHAHB!!!

thanks for the reassurance guys!!! this one was a labor of love…never had so much grain in the mashtun. OG was 1.105 and fg was 1.020.

nice work on getting the gravity down, to many RIS finish way to high, especially the highly sought after expensive limited commercial versions

Sounds like a nice beer to lay down for a few years.

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