Did I damage the yeast?

I am not seeing fermentation at almost the 24 hour mark which I realize can be normal but, When sanitizing my equipment I used hot water with the star sans in the bucket and also put my yeast packet in their to sanitize it. Never thought a thing of it till this morning and then it dawned on me that that was potentially a pretty stupid move as it could kill the yeast. Just curious what your guys thoughts on that are and if I should repitch.

How hot was the water? Was it liquid or dry? Above 115*F could kill yeast.

BTW StarSan in room temp distilled water can be reused for months if the ph is low enough.

Those packages are pretty sturdy…so I doubt enough heat got in to do any harm. How long was it in there?

I’m not sure how hot it was exactly but it was definitely hot to the touch. It was dry yeast us safale 05 and it was in their probably 30 min while I waited on my wort to chill.

If your tap water is 120+, 30 mins would be long enough to kill your yeast.

Went back and measured hot water temp out of my faucet and it is 120 degrees😢

Well dang

I’ve seen lag times as long as 72 hrs, but knowing the facts, I would repitch.

The only other yeast I have on hand is minions ale yeast. Would that in your opinion work for an American wheat beer or should I order some more of the safale 05?

Unless you can get the S-05 really soon you should go ahead and pitch what you have to get things going; never heard of minions.

Went back down to the basement to check on things and the airlock had some intermittent activity after watching for about 5 minutes so I will hold off until later and continue to check on it. What ill effects could occur by waiting so long to start active fermentation if I did need to repitch? Contamination? Thanks again for your input it is great to have a place like this that is so helpful

Ha sorry it was muntons ale yeast. Typo on my phone.

SOP is not to worry until around 72 hrs, assuming good sanitation.

If I remember, Muntons is fairly neutral at cool temperatures.

If you do repitch, spray the top of your fermenter with StarSan before opening.

Will do thanks.