Did i burn or scorch the beer?

I am brewing the “Belgian Dubbel” kit that i added a pint of pure maple syrup to. Now that it’s in the secondary, it looks really dark than what i thought it might. I don’t think the maple syrup would make it this dark. Did i burn or scorch it? If so is it ruined?

thanks for all your help

Extract or all grain? Partial boil with water added at end or full boil?

Looks fine to me. They always look darker in the carboy than a glass

When did you add the syrup? Did you shut off the burner before adding the syrup?
How well did you mix everything together before starting the burner back up?

Was the bottom of the boil pot burnt? Did you taste it?

FYI - my first batch I scorched a little on the bottom of the pot. I didn’t notice any bad off-flavors when I sampled it before bottling. Even if you did burn some it might not make too big of an impact.