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Diacetyl rest?

I know nothing about this but am brewing a lager that I should do it with. I know, I kind of jumped in head first…

So are you supposed to do it when the yeast is still active? Or wait until activity is completely stopped in the carboy?

Best to do it while it is still slightly active.

Yes it’s best to do while the yeast is still active towards the end of fermentation. When you see the krausen fall back into the beer that’s generally a pretty good indicator, if you want you can take a gravity reading around this time and see where your beer is at. If it’s close to you expected final gravity then it’s a good time to start raising the temp.

You may not even need to do it. I seldom do with my lagers. it all depends on how active the yeast is, and that depends on pitching rate and yeast health. The best thing to do is take a gravity sample near the expected end of fermentation. Taste the sample. If you taste diacetyl, do the rest. If not, you can skip it.

Thanks for the input. I’ve only done a 2.5 gallon batch so I’ll see if I can even get the beer thief into the five gallon carboy that far to take the reading for a test sample. I haven’t thought about this until right now actually…
If not I’ll just bring it up sometime when the krausen falls.

You’ll need to tip the carboy for the thief to reach the beer, but it’s doable. I too brew small batches now and do the tip-n-thief method routinely.


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