Diacetyl rest. Before or after racking to secondary?

I’m making the Czech pilsner. Intend to lager for several weeks in my keezer. But wondering if I do a diacetyl rest , do I rack to the secondary fermenter first?

No no, don’t rack. Yeast can’t eat diacetyl if you remove the yeast! Keep the yeast in there. Do the rest while still in the primary.

Does it need a D-rest?

Although I agree it my not need a d-rest it won’t HURT. Raise the temp to mid-60 for a couple days and then start dropping the temp.

Lager a week or two, then D rest, then rack to secondary, drop it back to the 50’s or whatever in the secondary to finish?

I was led to believe the Drest came after weeks of lagering

No the d-rest is performed after primary. Well actually its best to start it after about 2/3 of the fermentation is complted but I have never had a problem doing after fermentation is complete.

Then you can cold crash it to lagering temps (33*). The higher the OG the longer you will want to lager it. I usually shoot for at least 8 weeks.