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DFH Indian Brown Ale Recipe?

Who here has sucessfully brewed a spot-on clone of Dog Fish Head’s Indian Brown Ale?

I tried the recipe in Sam’s book, converted it from partial to all grain. The taste was good but not the same. I would say no cloned if following the CYBI process.

I was surprised as it’s direct from the brewery.

The brown ale goodness wasn’t there as I expected it to be. Tasting side by side with a DFH bottle, the bottled beer was far better.

Anyone else have this problem with the published recipe? If yes, what did you do to overcome the taste difference?

You can never exactly duplicate a commercial beer. they use different procedures, have differernt equipment, have significantly more control over the process, and they use different water.

the best you can do is come close and it sounds like you did.

congrats and well done.


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