Determine Loss to Trub

So when I am brewing, I take a reading of what level I am at before I move to the carboy, however, I am unable to do that at the end of the transfer for the remaining wort lost to the trub.

What do you all do?

I dont take any readings. I leave any wort filled trub behind. I have tried to get most of the wort out before, but…

I get better flavor and clearer beer by not doing so and I wind up fermenting less than my intended volume. Indeed i have wort loss, how much?, alot when I go hop crazy.

Not sure that this helps you but this is what I do. I guess I just don’t worry about it anymore.


I’m not sure what your question is.

If you know what is in the kettle, pre transfer. And what is in the fermenter post transfer. You know how much is left behind.

Or, pour what is left behind into a container so you can measure it.

To calculate trub and processes loss I just use the fill volume in gallons on my ale pail for the first volume and the number of bottles converted to gallons for the final volume. That accounts for loss when racking the fermentor to the bottling bucket and the loss in processes when bottling.