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Denny's Wry Smile Rye IPA Recipe

Afternoon all,

I was planning on brewing this beer Sunday as a celebration for myself (father’s day) and had a few questions either for Denny or for anyone that’s ever brewed it.

(1) I don’t currently have any Mt. Hood hops. I was planning on subbing some German Hallertau (4.5% AA) and making up the difference with Mt. Hood’s 6% AA. Do you think this will be an equaitable change?

(2) I also don’t have any of Denny’s yeast on hand and was planning on using either US-O5 or Notty (boring I know). Thoughts?

I’ve read that to really give the recipe its due, one should brew it according to the original recipe. Am I better off brewing something else, or making the two small subs that I’ve suggested.

Thanks in advance.

Given your circumstances, I’d recommend brewing it as you suggest. Then in your spare time, get the ingredients and brew it per the recipe. Then you can compare and learn something good. Both ways, you’ll have great beer.

Hallertau are. fine sub for Mt.Hood

Of the yeast choices you mention, go for the 05. I pick up an unpleasant tartness from Notty. 05 will be cleaner, albeit leave the beer a bit thinner bodied than WY1450.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll brew as is and let everyone know how it turns out.

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