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Denny's Westcoastmalle Tripel - Thanks

Since there is no epic thread for this beer like there is for the BVIP, I figured I would start a new one.

I just want to publicly thank Denny for this recipe. I made it few months back and have just started drinking it. I have made quite a few beers of a lot of different styles but this is one is a new favorite.

If anyone is thinking of making a tripel, I would definitely recommend this recipe.

Here it is if anyone is interested.

Glad ya like it. It’s my favorite tripel recipe.

AAMOF, you inspired me to brew another batch this weekend!

I finally got around to brewing this last weekend. I know that it will be ready when its ready but how long do you usually leave this in the fermenter. Most of my beers in the 1.06 to 1.07 range are done in about three weeks, but since this beer finishes dryer than my IPAs, stouts etc. I was wondering if I should expect a 5-6 weeks

Just happened to have my notes in front of me since I’m getting ready to brew this. Last batch I made was in the fermenter for a minth and a day.

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