Denny's SS braid question

I have read the post about Denny’s SS mash braided screen. I have some issues with my mash system. I am trying something new. I am setting up a 8 gallon kettle with a false bottom. Would it be advisable to attach a SS braid screen to the open end of the ball valve that lies below the false bottom and let it rest on the bottom of the kettle? I bought a march pump to recirculate back into the mash tun to set the grain bed before I fly sparge. Would that clear the wort? I have had big issues mashing in my 15 gallon kettle set up. I only do 5 gallon batches and the big kettle is over kill.

Brad, that’s a “belt and suspenders” approach. Technically there’s nothing wrong with it, but it seems like one or the ther would be enough.

Thank you Denny. I have not measured the amounts of water for the 8 gallon kettle yet.( amount between the kettle bottom and the ball valve,between bottom of the kettle and false bottom,between the ball valve and false bottom.) in the past when I sperged, I left all the sediment below the ball valve. With the 15 gallon kettle there was just over a gallon. With the 8 gallon kettle there has to be way less below the ball valve. My thinking is I want to pull as much sediment from the bottom of the kettle and place it on top of the grain bed to be filtered as I can. Maybe there is not enough to even worry about. I read in one of the posts to ditch the false bottom all together and just use the SS braid. So I got to thinking that maybe I should do both.