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Denny's new book

I went to a book signing on Sunday at Bader homebrew and got a copy of “Experimental Homebrewing”. It was a fun event and I finally got to meet the MAN, Denny Conn.
I could’ve easily spent the entire afternoon talking to Denny about brewing and other stuff.
I really like what I’ve read of the book so far. Everyone should get it.

Rookie L A aka Steve Ruch

Steve I was under the impression that you had met Denny before front the “other” board. I bet it was cool and I would like to meet him sometime.

It is a great book that expands well beyond the typical “how to brew”, or “recipe” book. This book gets the brewer to think way outside of the box. It is technical enough that even the most experienced homebrewer can learn a thing or two. And it is informal enough in its context that the most basic homebrewer can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed.

I would recommend this book to any homebrewer out there.

I just brewed the PB2 Peanutbutter Brown Ale. I am going to get it in the serving keg on Saturday and I will report back…

Thanks for all the kind words, everybody! Great to finally meet you, Steve.

Drew and I are already hard at work on the next book.

[quote=“Denny”]Thanks for all the kind words, everybody! Great to finally meet you, Steve.

Did you try that coconut cider yet?

We’ve interacted on a couple of boards over the years, but never met in person until the other day. I’m sorry that it took so long.

Picked up a copy from Amazon a few weeks ago. Really enjoying it so far. Denny, I’m sorry I missed you at Steinbart last weekend. Read about it after the fact.

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