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Denny's Favorite

I see the optimal fermentation temperature for Denny’s Favorite 50 is 60-70. My basement is only capable of 74. Do you think there would be negative effects of this temperature? Any help is appreciated!!

Keep in mind, 60-70 is the temp of the beer, not the room. The temp of the beer can rise considerably (like 5-10 degrees) above the temp of the room when the yeast is really working. So if your room is 74, your beer could be fermenting at well over 80.

Google up ‘swamp cooler’, and use that for at least the first 3-4 days of fermentation, then pull it out of the bath and let it get up to 74. This will help ensure that the beer fully ferments/attenuates. Your tastebuds will thank you.

To answer your question, yes, it will definitely affect flavor. Fermentation temp is a HUGE factor in making good-tasting beer. Keeping it on the lower end will keep esters, phenols, and fusel alcohols lower, and result in a way better product.

Yeah, I don’t think you want to ferment it at 74 ambient. As said, the beer could easily be 5-10F warmer. I use a big tub of water to put the fermenter in to keep it cool. You can add ice packs to the water as needed.

Thanks for the help, unfortunately, I ferment using a stainless conical, so the ice bath is a tough solution for me. Again, thanks for the comments.

better get some glycol jackets for that thing :mrgreen:

Hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but unless you can get some temp control, you’d be better off fermenting in a bucket.

Not harsh at all; thanks, Denny. I’m going to try and fabricater a cooling system to bring the temp down a little bit. I have a beer in secondary in the same room and it is at a steady 71, so my room temp may be a little lower than the original 74 that I mentioned. I’m also going to start my wort at 65 with the hopes that my fermentation temp will stay as far below 70 as possible. I’ve brewed Denny’s Rye many times and I’ve always loved it. It is a constant “house beer”, but I’m trying to refine some techniques and finally do some calculations as well. I appreciate the help!

What size is your conical? Our 14 gallon we have in a stand-up frigidaire freezer with a Johnson Controller.

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