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Dennys fav 50 krausen

I brewed an american brown ale about two weeks ago and noticed it had a very small amount of krausen. This past weekend I brewed a russian imperial stout (1.095) and pitched it on to the yeast cake of dennys fav 50 that I had used for the brown ale. Because of the high gravity and the amount of yeast I put on a blow off tube expecting a lot of activity. To my surprise after 4 day in primary there is definitely activity but only about a half inch of krausen. Is this typical with this strain?

Typical? Not really. A problem? I really doubt it.

Did you use fermcap in the boil kettle?

I find that if I use fermcap in the boil kettle, I typically see less krausen in the fermenter then when I do not use fermcap in the boil kettle.

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