Denny's BVIP question

I brewed this up a few weeks ago. This past weekend, it was time to add the vanilla beans and the question hit me…

How do I add the beans in a sterile fashion? I searched online, read Denny’s recipe several times looking for hints of technical info and found none.

Soooo, I donned a pair of latex gloves, soaked my hands, the knife and my cutting board in starsan then proceded to slice and dice the vanilla beans.

I then racked everything into a secondary. I am hoping this is OK and wont infect the brew because it looked and smelled so good already!

Should be ok. I’ve never went to those extremes with vanilla beans. Just wash my hands, cut 'em up and toss 'em in. Sometimes you can soak em in a little rum or vodka before hand (the beans that is, not your hands).

I simply split them lengthwise, scrape them and toss everything in. Between the alcohol content and low pH of the beer I’ve never had a problem.

The last time I made the BVIP, I soaked the pods in vodka for a few minutes before splitting them, scraping the beans out, cutting up the pods and throwing everything in the fermenter. As Denny said, wholly unnecessary I am sure, but I did get a nice shot of vanilla infused vodka and a little extra peace of mind out of it.