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Deluxe All Grain Kit Question

Ok, so I have a deluxe all grain kit that I have had for a while. Never have been able to use it and it has been stored in garage for some time. Now I am ready to put it to use and it is real dirty.

My assumption is that if I clean it up sanitize everything and so forth, it should be fine to use. Am I correct in this?

I have been doing lots of extract and partial mash, now ready to move up.

Should not be a problem if you clean it and remember what will be in there is going to get boiled.

Basic cleaning every now and then will be just fine. I store mine in a mostly clean basement but the manifold and such are not the easiest to clean so every once in awhile I use bleach then hot water and soap. Like chuck said, wort will be boiled after the sparge so any contaminants will be killed off so full on cleaning is not a total necessity.

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