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Degassing wine

I’m doing a cabernet and I added the stabilizers and clearing agent, I followed the instructions and degassed for the time it says but there is still gas in it 2 days later can I degass it more after I’ve added the agents or is it to late?

I’ve only done 2 kits, buy had to degass many more times than the instructions recommended. This was on the advice of my LBS guy. Warmer temps help.

Do you think its to late to degass after I’ve stabilized and cleared?

What I would do if you’re concerned is buy a wine saver pump kit. Drill a hole in a bung so the wine stopper fits snugly inside the bung and use the pump to get more of the gas out. I typically do this and leave the stopper on instead of an airlock and pump on it several times a day for a couple days until the gas is expelled and then leave it. Be warned depending on your head space your arm may get tired.
I don’t think I would use the whip again at this point unless someone else with more experience says it’s okay.

For the fining to work properly the wine should be thoroughly degassed before you add it.

To me it sounds like you did your due diligence and any remaining gas would be minimal (or ate least manageable). So don’t worry.

At this point, I think it would be best to just leave it and let the gas come out natually. The longer you leave the wine before bottling, the more still it will become.

Time solves almost all probelms in wine making, so don’t be hasty. My concern about any major attempt at degassing at this point would be risk of oxidation. Just let it sit around in the carboy for a month or two longer than the intructions say, and then bottle.

This would work, but I’m not sure it is necessary in this case.

+1. Definately don’t whip it up at this point.

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