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Definitely more excited about all-grain!

Well I think that I am ready to get prepared to take the next step and go all-grain as soon as I can. I just took a sample of a Boulevard Wheat clone that I made with my bros last Suday, and man is it tasty. This was my first partial-mash experience and full-boil. The taste is very different than any of my other brews. There is just something about it: more rounded and fuller in taste, and it tastes more like what homebrew should taste to me. My other brews always seemed to taste flat (and I am not talking carbonation). I controlled the fermentation temperature better as well. So yeah, it gon happen!!


Award winning beer can be made with extract. Temperature control is probably the most important factor as well as sanitation. All grain is definitely awesome because of the control you have over the flavors that go into your beer. It’s definitely a process that takes some practice to get down, but it’s rewarding.

Extract is made with medium hardness water to begin with, so if you are using hard water to reconstitute it then you could be getting salt/pH issues. With AG your water eitehr works for a style or it doesn’t.

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