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Deer River BBQ and Brewfest

The fifth annual competition is coming up July 19. This is a relaxed BBQ and homebrew event, with a BJCP sanctioned beer competition. You can find info at the Deer River Chamber of Commerce site , or the Boreal Brewers web site - click the “What’s Brewing” tab and the “Beer Events Supported by the Boreal Brewers” menu option to see photo essays about the last three years. 2012 is probably the best one to read.

This event begins Friday the 18th, with a 6 PM BBQ dinner for BBQ and Brewing competitors, judges and event volunteers. The homebrewers tend to camp on site, the White Oak Rendezvous site just north of Deer River

The brewers relax around a fire while the BBQ folks fire up and begin an all night stint of cooking. Judging begins the next morning, and both meat and beer judging are complete by 3, when the public can enter. There’s live music, brewing awards and bragging rights. If you compete, you need to bring some extra beer to share with the public. And, it’s a great place to just bring some beer to share and chat with folks interested in your brews.

Again, check the Boreal Brewers web site for photos and descriptions of the activities, and to get a look at the venue. Grab a tent, get a Deer River hotel reservation, but come on up and have fun!

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