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Decanting yeast after removing from stir plate

I have a yeast starter going on my Stirstarters plate. My question is how long do I leave it on the plate.
Second question is how long should I leave it in the refrigerator to settle the yeast. I have read anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
I prepared the starter with 32 oz of water, 1/2 cup of DME and a Wyeast slap pack. I will be using it on a batch of Bourbon Barrel Porter.
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Time on the stir plates varies. The yeast you are using, the viability of the yeast, and the volume of the starter are the major factors. Might be able to say that generally 36 hours on the stir plate will finish the starter.

The strain of the yeast will determine how long of a cold crash it will take. An English yeast can drop out of the spent wort in 24 hours. A less flocculant yeast like WY 1056 may take a two to three days.

Have you used a starter/pitch rate calculator like this one? Weighing the DME to be used in a starter is much more accurate than a volume measure. A $20 digital scale from Walmart is a good investment. Works for measuring out bulk purchases of hops besides regular kitchen duties.

I agree with FLARES. The way I usually do starters (WYEAST 1056/1272) is in a 2000ml flask. 8oz DME with 1600ml water. Boil it on the stove for 10 minutes with 1/4 tspn of fermaid k nutrient. After pitching, put on the stirplate for 48 hours. Then into the fridge overnight. At the beginning of my brewday, I decant some of the wort and throw it back on the stir plate to rouse the yeast and get them back into suspension… out of dormancy.
By the time I’m ready to pitch, it’s back up to temp and ready to go.

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Thanks. I have to admit that calculator has me confused. Not sure where I get the numbers to punch in. I know the date the Wyeast was made and what the starting OG should be but that’s about it.

Enter the volume of beer/wort to be in the fermentor.
The default pitch rate of 0.75 million cells per milliliter is okay for low to moderate gravity beers.
Enter the initial cell count. A Wyeast smack pack would have an initial cell count of 100 billion yeast cells.
Enter the production date for the calculator to estimate viability.

From there sort of self explanatory. Look for numbers in green. They are good. Numbers in red not so good. Put your your cursor over the yellow icon for an explanation.

Play with different numbers and flask size, and starter size to see what happens. Be sure to look at and play with two or three step starter worts.

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