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Deathringer ipa brewday

Tomorow brew session. Damm did think weekend of but to busy at work this sat. Gonna brew death ringer. Ipa. Will use extra lbs of. 2 row malt. During my grain steep. Add about ten min more on the steep time. Hold the temp at 150. Last few min up the temp to 170. Just a experiment

I’ve only done a few all grain batches but steeping and mashing are different. Base malts need to be mashed for conversion. If I understand correctly that you could be adding starches if you don’t get complete conversion. Your water to grain ratio is different when mashing compared to steeping. I’m no expert in all grain but I would double check before adding base malts to your steeping grain process.

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No i do extract brew. Next year will be all grain right now just toy with the recipy

I understand your doing extract but what I am saying is if you treat your steeping more like a mini mash by maintaining a certain temp and using the correct water to grain ratio you will get more out of the 2 row.

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I have a Dead Ringer 3-gal BIAB on tap now; it’s wonderful. I should hav dry-hopped it slightly longer, but it’s still awesome.

I also have an extract kit of dead ringer on deck, I got it when NB had the 3-IPA’s for $20 each sale.

Personally, if you’re going to use a base malt, I think you should mash it till it’s fully converted. Anything else is wasting malt.

Plan sort of minimash getting ready at four today at least not so hot outside. Any more. Main five gallon water should be ready around five. Mean while work inside with the grains. On the stove.

So i did my minimash yesterday. Boil water 160 fh add the grains. For about 50 min the temp did stay at 152.fh. at 50 min took a refractometer reading a grav of 1.040. Took grain bag out. Some hot water over grains. And did start my regular brewing schedule. So this is it ?

Pretty much, that’s it.
If you want to get to get super nerdy when mashing, get some iodine from the drug store. Spoon some wort on to a white plate, no husks or chunks, just wort.
Then drop some iodine onto the wort. Iodine turns purple in the presence of starch, so if the iodine turns purple-black keep holding the temp. If the iodine stays red, the all the starches have been converted to sugars.

Looks like a cool experiment. Why not. Got a small beer lab going. On my old age turn into a nerd. (Did i do that) but got result using the refractometer

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