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Dealing with the heat

How is everyone dealing with this heat ? I personally have been going through a lot of beer. Just tapped a Kazbek pilsner fermented on German ale yeast that is just the ticket. Straight pilsner brewed and dry hopped with Kazbek. I guess it’s a smash

Here as well got to stay hydrated. Bonaire pilsner. Seems the way to keep me cool

Tell me more about this Bonaire pilsner

ran out of pils last week…not good…i have the pre-pro pils but it’s not the same…gotta get brewing

Suppose to cool off here a bit for the rest of the week…mid 80s rather than mid to upper 90s. very welcome relief!

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I’ll tell you my Bushwick pilsner just kicked the other day not before my mom who is 88 and grew up in the city had a try. Her opinion " now that’s good beer"

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yea it’s a good “beer”. Not what I like in my pils but a very quaffable beer. Glad your mom got to try it!

Home brew. Once i am home. send you the recipy

Humidity is gone here in West Michigan and early morning temp right now is 47. Way behind on brewing on not much on tap other than the DIPA. Been doing some Bell’s Two Hearteds, Black Rocks’ Mykiss IPAs, and some Ludington Bay Summer Fling Hefs so I am well hydrated as well.

Wow. 47. Lucky dog.

When I was visiting my niece at MSU in the Spring, amazing diversity of beer in the Mitten. Sadly better than Florida by a country mile.

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Pretty good craft beer scene here:

Here’s the New York version of your beer map


I guess that’s where the saying comes “throw a rock in any direction and hit a brewery” with so many breweries you would think beer would be cheaper

Just put the word craft in front of many things and it will command a buck… Sneezles61

It took 143 years to get back to the number of breweries we had when the telephone was first patented. Back then there was a brewery for every 12,626 New Yorkers. Now there is only one brewery for every 48,856 of us.


Did brew with 2 row. Pilsner. Flaked oats. Biscuit. Hops. Magnum hallertau. Saaz. Yeast. Did use kveik. Og 1050 fg 1010

So it’s technically a mock pilsner right? What differences do you notice in it with the kveik when compared to something like Urquell yeast or another pils lager yeast?

It does ferments faster with kveik. And i am stuck to. Kveik due to heat here. With kveik it does clean up nice. Yeah its my twist on pilsner.


Need to get you the Oslo stain so you can take that pils to the next level

Tomorow.will get. Two smackpack. Loki. Voss yeast. So for next week sat brew session use this. Got my starter ready for this saturday. Ipa brew session

I have the Oslo strain on preorder. Bottom fermenting “Lager” Kveik. Cannot wait to try.

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