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Dealing with stalled!

Ok here is the low down…

Brewed a Bel Dark Strong Ale back on the 12th of Nov. OG was 1.090 when is went into fermenter and I pitched Wyeast #1388 that was dated the 7th of Nov. I did prepare a starter 72 hours prior to pitching. It was a 3qt starter that I cold crashed and decanted just prior to pitching.

Today being Dec 3rd I was going to keg and cold store for another three weeks. I got everything ready and before I started I took a hydro reading…it was only down to 1.033. Early fermentation was done at 65f and for the last week and a half at 70ish.

This is my first experience with a stalled fermentation (been brewing for about 10months), so needless to say I am a bit flustered.

Is this common with big beers? How would you recommend that I deal with this issue? Should I pitch another Wyeast pack or should I give it more time?

I assume this was an extract kit? Since it is a dark beer, it probably has some dark, unfermentable sugars.

I would just swirl good, and make sure it is still in a warm place and give it another week. Also, see how it tastes.

You are probably done though.

Sorry this was an all grain batch, and the taste was good but a little sweet though. I would like to at least see it hit 10% I hope!! right now it’s at 7.7% :frowning:

I’ll give it a swirl real good and see what happens. If nothing what should plan B consist of?

At this point there are a few things you can do.
a) You can kegs and hope it finishes in the kegs.
b) You can just leave it and hope rousing the yeast will speed things up.
c) you can pitch new yeast to do the finishing. Yeast strain won’t be as important to bring it down the last few percent.

I would go with (c). The problem with (a) is it could tie up the kegs for a long time but you did brew a big beer so you are prob expecting that anyway. The prob with (b) is it will be tying up your fermenters for a while.

Will most likely go with more yeast as I want it done right.

Unless anyone else has a better suggestion. :slight_smile:

Warm it up to 75*, 80* if you have a way to.

If I add new yeast I would then have to control the temp in the mid to low range again to avoid off flavors right?

No you really need to get the temp up on that thing to get the yeast back awake to finish it off.
Looking at that Duvel strain it has a lower attenuation than the other “Belgian” strains.
You might not get it to drop any more than 15 more points. Depending on the recipe and sugar %.

Edit- Could you share the recipe or is it super top secret? :smiley:

Keep in mind that if it’s a stuck fermentation you need to pitch a lot of yeast to get it going again. Something like 2-3 qt. of slurry is usually recommended.

Sure I can post the recipe i’ll do it in a bit iam out now and don’t know it off the top if my head. :slight_smile:

Here is the run down…

5gal batch
90min Boil
Mash 60min @ 152* (missed mash by 3* Digital Thermo Screwed up) Actually @ 149* 1st missed temp to date!
Mash In @ 1.3qt/lbs
Ph: 5.2
Post Boil OG 1.090 (into ferm)
Gravity after 21 days: 1.033

Shooting for FG of: 1.015 to 1.010

Grain Bill

12lbs - Pilsner 2row
3lbs 2oz - Dark Munich
1lbs - caramunich
1lbs - Ding Special B
8oz - White wheat
8oz - Melanoiden

1lbs - Rice Hull
1lbs - Corn sugar


Tradition 7% 1.5oz for 60min


Wyeast #1388 Bel Strong Ale

Oh yeah one other bonehead thing…I forgot the yeast nutrient during the boil. :frowning:

also I areated for 1min 30 sec with a .5 micron stainless stone!

The Special B, CaraMunich and melanoidin pout a lot of unfermentables in there. I think you’re likely done.

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