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Dead Ringer what yeast is best?

Buying Dead Ringer tonight and don"t know which yeast to get. I don’t mind price if it’s worth it. What are your thoughts. Thanks in advance because, your guys always come through.

Any neutral style American yeast that attenuates well.

I’ve been eyeballin’ WLP 060 blended, but I’m not brewing any PA’s in the near future. They profile it on White Labs site.

1056 works really well with Dead Ringer

US-05 at around 66*F worked great for me.

Second on the US-05, it turned out great. I would suspect that Wyeast 1056 or WLP001 would work just as well.

I’ve used the Wyeast 1056 on all of my IPA’s so far, and they’ve been perfect. Definitely make starters if you use this one though.

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