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Dead Ringer: to dry-hop or not?

Next up for me is an extract version of NB’s Dead Ringer IPA, and I’m considering trying a little dry-hopping.

No clue whatsover what sort of hops to try - or if it’s even necessary for this particular kit.

Any theories/advice/suggestions mucho appreciated…

I think that kit calls for an oz of hops in secondary anyway.

That kit includes 1 oz of Centennial for a dry hop, so yes you should dry hop.

This is a clone kit of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, which is brewed using only centennial hops.

Well, that certainly answers my questions!

Thanks folks…

I am drinking glass as I type it is awesome

I dry hopped my last batch of this with 2 oz centennial, turned out great!

I have brewed it “by the book” with centennial at all additions. I also have brewed it With the following 1 oz. additions.
First wort - cent.
60 - cent
30 - casc.
flame out - casc.
flame out - citra
Dry - 2 ounce citra.

I really like the citra version a lot, so in the future if you are looking to try something different, might be worth using some as a dry hop in this beer.

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